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New Year, New Credit!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The 4 baby steps to great credit.

We all know that having great credit is the starting point of building great wealth.

Typically, we use the start of a new year to improve the things in our lives that matter most to us. Finances and health are most often at the top of the list, however, our personal credit should be included there too. If the thought has ever crossed your mind that your credit score could be better or you have no credit at the moment then you must keep reading.

The baby steps to great credit are the fastest way to go from where you are now to living a life that looks radically different. You can take control of your credit. Tens of thousands of people have left their credit struggles behind by working this plan. It’s time to start managing your credit the right way.

What are the baby steps?

Off My Credit’s baby steps will show you why you need to know what’s happening with your credit at all times, how to clean up the bad stuff, and how to build a truly great credit score. This is not a fairy tale. It works every time.

Baby Step 1

Order your 3 “REAL” credit reports

Baby Step 2

Remove all inaccurate information from your credit files.

Baby Step 3

Build a strong credit profile to get the best scores possible.

Baby Step 4

Open new doors of opportunities.

Why do the baby steps work?

Whether you know a little or a lot about credit you don’t need to be a financial guru to have great credit. Anyone can do this. With each step you will feel the momentum building in your favor. These steps will build the foundation that will allow you to change your life.

Baby Step 1: Order your “REAL” credit reports.

In this first step you want to order the correct credit reports. There are quite a few consumer reports that approximate your credit scores, however, it is so important to be seeing the same scores the banks see. This is because the banks will be the ones making decisions on whether or not to lend you money. The best source to monitor your credit is Experian.

Make sure you order all three reports…Experian, Transunion, Equifax.

Baby Step 2: Remove all inaccurate information from your credit files.

This step starts with understanding how to make sense of everything on your credit reports. The law is very clear: only accurate information may be displayed. Sounds simple, however, most credit reports contain multiple mistakes. These mistakes are costly. They can make you pay more for something when borrowing money and even block you from certain opportunities. You have the right to dispute and remove anything on your credit that is not correct. You can do this step on your own or enlist the help of a professional.

Baby Step 3: Build a strong credit profile to get the best scores possible.

You’ve cleaned up your credit! Don’t slow down now. It's time to begin building your credit the right way. This will ensure that your credit scores are as strong as they can be.

By building your credit profile the right way you will make yourself more attractive to lenders of money. Having the right types of credit accounts, the right balances on credit cards, and the perfect payment history should do the trick.

Baby Step 4: Open new doors of opportunities.

You know what people with great credit can do? Anything they want! This last step is the most fun. You can truly open whatever new doors of opportunities you want. Opening the door to a new home, a new car, a new business, the possibilities are endless. It’s time to create a life by design.

Who is Off My Credit?

More than 10 years ago the founders of Off My Credit fought their way out of bad credit. They have taken what they learned and started teaching people how to handle credit the responsible way. Since then they have helped several thousand people take control of their credit for good. Today their approach to great credit is used by more than 500 people per month, try it out for yourself!

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