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Moments like these matter

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Home Loan Troubles

Steven’s family of 3 was about to grow to 4. The condo the family lived in was no longer suitable. Steven’s wife wanted a home the kids could grow up in. The trouble was that Steven did not have a good enough credit score.


How was the problem solved?


Off My Credit was able to help Steven increase his score to a 692. Steven was now able to move his family into a wonderful home and have an affordable payment. 


Is your credit score ready for a rescue?




Past Mistakes

When Clarice was young she made some mistakes with her credit. The mistakes were ignored for years. Time to clean up the past for good.


So, what happened?


Clarice was able to work with Off My Credit to clean up some of the mistakes on her credit and start fresh rebuilding a better score.


Are you ready to move on from the past?



Credit Approval Challenge

Zuly could never seem to get approved for a credit card. She wanted to work on getting a better credit score. It would be really hard if no one would approve her.


What did she do?


Zuly worked with Off My Credit to better understand how credit worked. She started reporting her rent payments to her credit and got approved for a secured credit builder loan. Her score went up over time and Zuly finally got approved for her first major credit card.


Tired of getting denied for credit cards?



Auto Loan Emergency

Marcus and his wife had been sharing one vehicle for months. It was tough to juggle schedules and they both were frustrated. Marcus could not get approved for a car because his credit score was below 500.


Emergency fixed


Off My Credit helped Marcus clean up errors on his credit that were hurting his score. They helped him add positive accounts to his credit at the same time. The result was in 5 months his score did a complete reversal and he finally was able

to get his new car.


Need to get a new or used vehicle?



Ready to get ahead

Crystal had a rough upbringing. She now found herself with a good paying job and a new fiance but she came to Off My Credit with a 518 credit score. She wanted to buy a home with her soon to be husband and they wanted to start a side business. Crystal needed her credit to be as good as the rest of the things in her life.


Problem solved


Over the next 13 months Crystal’s score went all the way up to a 667. She had more work to do to get the score over 750. She knew that if she continued to follow the advice Off My Credit gave her it would only be a matter of time.


Want to see your score go up too?

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Credit Boost

Lauren just started a new business.  She needed to take out a small loan. Her credit score was 37 points away from qualifying for the loan.


Let’s get this fixed ASAP


Lauren worked with Off My Credit to add her rent payments and remove two old collection accounts that were reporting incorrectly. The result: her score improved 41 points and Lauren got her loan.


Could your score use a boost as well?

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